Strucmarine has a number of Technical Partners in Europe, Middle East and Africa that we collaborate with on project need basis in exclusive and non-exclusive basis.

Partnership with Strucmarine

Innovative Synergy Solutions (ISS) of Malaysia is a Technical Partner of STRUCMARINE Engineering Ltd of Nigeria. STRUCMARINE is the exclusive representative of ISS in Nigeria and West African sub-region.
Innovative Synergy Solutions (ISS) was founded by a group of engineers with vast experience in both local and international market in the oil and gas, petrochemical and refinery industries. ISS is involved in full range of upstream and downstream process equipment design and production.

Some of the equipment designed, marketed and supplied are as shown below:

  • Gas Dehydration Package (TEG/Molecular Sieve)
  • Fuel Gas Conditioning Package
  • Amine Gas Sweetening System
  • Water Bath Heater Package
  • Crude Desalting/ Dehydrating Unit
  • Crude Heater Package / Heater Treater
  • CO2 Removal Package (Membrane)
  • Produce Water Treatment Package
  • Vacuum Deaeration & Water Injection System (Water Injection Media Filter & Coarse Filter)
  • Boiler Feed Water Deoxygenation System
  • Deoxygenation Membrane Type
  • Chemical Injection System
  • Fired Heater Unit (Furnace Refractory Lining Type)
  • Nitrogen Generator
  • Hypoclorinator Package
Technologies by (ISS)

To enhance your Asset performance and Projects top delivery; you can access the full range of our Technologies via the following ISS links:

Partnership with Strucmarine

STRACAU VALVES FRANCE has OEM Partnership with STRUCMARINE Engineering Ltd of Nigeria. STRUCMARINE is the sales representative of  STRACAU in Nigeria.

Some of the equipment produced/marketed by STRACAU are shown in the link below:


Vidéo : 

Brochure :

Video :

Brochure :

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Partnership with Strucmarine

Creiscendo Ingénierie of France has Sales Representative Partnership with STRUCMARINE Engineering Ltd of Nigeria. STRUCMARINE is the sales representative of  Creiscendo Ingénierie and other OEMs under Creiscendo  in Nigeria. Such OEMs include:

  • STRACAU Valves France: Valves and Pipes OEM
  • SOLISO TECHNOLOGIES: Thermal Insulation, Acoustic Insulation and Fire Insulation OEMs
  • SOMTP: MACHINERY and Spare Parts
  • PARKER HANNIFIN France: Motion and Control Systems
  • POK Firefighting: Firefighting Equipment
  • CORDERIE DOR: Lifting and Hoisting Equipment
  • CAP GENERATEUR: Generators and Spare Parts
  • CME: Electrical Transformers
  • EAS CONSULTING: Electrical Equipment for major projects

Creiscendo Ingénierie, a young dynamic EURL, brings together tools , knowledge and technical and commercial skills that allow it to effectively support its partners and develop around two fields of technical activities:


With a network of dynamic and experienced technical and commercial agents, we offer tailor-made services for your international export projects.

  • Market research: solidity of the country, regulations, diversity of practices and markets …
  • Mapping / Mapping of actors: GPS map with key information (contact, address, photo, number, workforce …)
  • Identification of influential or decision-making figures: research and connection
  • Sales development with one or more trained technical sales representatives , dedicated to your project full-time, half-time or third-time: cost reduction, business and product synergy = multi-card, transparency, training
  • Search for industrial partners: branch opening, prospecting and approaching clients
  • Business introducer network: reorientation of listing requests
  • Selection of agent, importer, research and management of distributors: professionalism, solvency, reputation, responsiveness …
  • Preparation for participation in trade fairs: making an appointment, layout plan, developing marketing materials (video, brochures, powerpoint, etc.), manufacturing furniture (see engineering department and tools)
  • Commercial and technological watch – Information on the competition: field information, specialized literature, forums, fairs …
  • Commissioning: commissioning contract, orientation of quotation requests
  • Marketing and promotion of your products: creation of corporate videos, dedicated technical articles, post on social networks, making appointments


Whether you are an industrialist, entrepreneur, designer, artist, handyman, student or hacker of all kinds, quickly go from the concept phase to the prototyping phase, then to the development phase. point and that of deployment on your technical projects by submitting your specifications to us.

  • Brainstorming, search for innovative solutions
  • Design, CAD, plans
  • Prototyping (machining, CNC, laser cutting, 3D printer …)
  • Electricity and electronics
  • GUI and programming
  • General mechanic
  • Factory / workshop layout / layout
  • Origami technique …